Regina Mamou
Untitled (Accidental Document #1)Untitled (Third Circle)Untitled (Near Fourth Circle)Untitled (Luzmila Hospital)Untitled (Shmeisani Hospital)Untitled (Street Corner, Hashimi)Untitled (InterContinental)Untitled (Abdoun Bridge)Untitled (Abdali's Plan)Untitled (Dawn, Hashimi)Untitled (Site #1)Untitled (Site #2)Untitled (From Jabal Al-Qala'a)Untitled (Circle 1–8)Untitled (Makan)Untitled (Bird Garden)
Mapping Collected Memory (2009–2010)
As described on the Midwest Photographers Project web page:

"Regina Mamou completed Mapping Collected Memory (2009-2010) during a fifteen-month Fulbright Fellowship to Amman, Jordan. Using photography and video, Mamou explored navigational methods and memory in Amman, a city that only recently implemented street names and house numbers. Most residents still navigate the city by memory, using visual cues to reach their destinations and describing landmarks to give directions. Instead of maps with standardized addresses, which give a macrocosmic view of a city or region, Amman uses memory to navigate, giving a fragmentary and subjective view of the city and leaving ample room for narrative, imagination, interpretation, and mistakes. Mamou took informal, guided tours of Amman and used hand-drawn maps in an attempt to memorize the city’s streets and districts, all the while embracing the possibilities of getting lost."